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Troy Morris III was born to be a racer.

Racing consumes him, it's in his blood; his DNA.

Other than God, racing is the very breath that gives him life and you won't meet anyone else who is more passionate and driven about climbing into a racecar.  

TM3 has been attending races since in his mother's womb and once outside has only desired to be at the track. Spending countless hours learning the ropes from his dad, a veteran modified driver, finally led to the day he became old enough to wheel his own vehicle.

That was the day TM3 was truly born.


Known for his huge and constant smile, he brings joy to all those around him. He never lets difficult situations defeat his upbeat and positive spirit and enjoys sharing his faith and encouraging outlook with others.


Now his goal is to turn his passion and dreams into his career.

"I live in racing" -TM3




4000 Fruitvale Ave. Ste. 1

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Tel: 661-203-3301

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